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NEW Products...

  • Tablet Computer and Mobile phone batteries tested in just 10 seconds! Read more.

    NEW XpressTEST/HP uses the latest fast algorithms to test Lithium batteries up to 10Ah, in just 10 seconds. Tests iPad and Samsung Galaxy batteries and many more. Full range of battery adapters available.

  • Need to accurately test all the latest Lithium & Lead Acid Golf trolley and mobility batteries? Read more.

    m69C. Really easy to use constant current discharge tester, provides accurate capacity test of all the latest Lithium & Lead Acid golf trolley batteries. No technical knowledge required, provides test report to PC.

  • Not sure your chargers working properly? Read more.

    XCC1, low cost 12v Battery charger checker. Identifies charger faults on easy to read GREEN/RED display.

  • No idea how much energy is left in your battery? Read more.

    Unique Xcell, accurate low cost 12V Golf trolley/scooter battery fuel gauge. Tells you exactly whats left in your battery.